Captain America: The First Avenger

2011 | dir: Joe Johnston | 124 m

If I didn’t care about The Avengers in my youthful comic book collecting days, then I cared even less for Captain America. I would write him off as a relatively flat, simple and boring hero that was completely boring to my younger self; it’s no secret that when I pictured myself as a Marvel hero on the playground and in my imagination, it was a Wolverine-esque indestructible mutant with cool cybernetics that pulled from my favourite sci-fi films. Or maybe that was a secret. Either way, I never once picked up a Captain America comic, allowing only his cameos in other books and his depictions in pop culture as my basis for my (poor) opinion. When the film was announced, I did not approach with any excitement save that this was the next entry in the great experiment that was the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a lead in to the properly gigantic Avengers film.

So when I came out of the theatre, I gave my head a shake and realized this was not the boring character I thought of as a child, but a film that boils the age-old battle of good versus evil to the basics to produce a compelling adventure. If there’s a fault here to be explored, it could be the films rather simplistic themes, but I’m not willing to go down that road: like a pizza with just one or two toppings, The First Avenger excels at what it does without getting bogged down with too much flavour. The only real negative I’ll throw at the film is the miniscule screen time that Captain’s Howling Commandos receive.

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