Hellboy (2019)


The hype is deflated. It's anti-hype. This movie is going to be awful. Rotten Tomatoes decrees it so.

Well, that's not going to stop me from checking this film out, and that's just what I did on opening night (well, technically Thursday previews, but still). I apologise if some of this is ambiguous, I am trying to avoid spoilers here.

Some good:

  • David Harbour's interpretation of Hellboy is actually decent.
  • Hellboy's interactions with his father are pretty good and hint at some deeper character.
  • There's lots of gore.
  • The soundtrack was consistent and fun.
  • Harbour, Jovovich and McShane are all on point.

Some bad:

  • Too many flashbacks.
  • Too much effort in bringing Hellboy's origin full-circle.
  • Did there need to be this much gore? Like it was just gross for the sake of being gross.
  • Some jokes/dialog felt like they were added in post-production.
  • It felt too serious - nobody is really having fun.
  • The post-finale scene felt really out of place.
  • Cliche anti-monster human is actually a monster (pretty sure this was in the trailer).
  • Trailer GIVES TOO MUCH AWAY, although it's not a twisty film, there is some imagery that stands out and you're awaiting to see.
  • Convoluted story.
  • Plastic CGI.
  • Lacks soul.

2 / 5 stars


Tags: fantasy, adventure, action, superhero, 2010s