2017 | Dir: Adam Randall | 1h 30m

What would you do if your brain was directly wired into the internet? I was reminded of Scarlett Johansson's action/sci-fi Lucy, wherein she unlocks 100% of her brain. It's a silly concept but so is having pieces of a cell phone embedded in your brain that effectively gives you similar abilities. It's not entirely clear what's off limits to our victim-turned-hero, as he manipulates electronics but also car engines and electricity. It's not clear to him what he should do either, save for his motivation for revenge as he goes after the bullies who assaulted his crush. Nothing particularly stands out here, save for the concept itself, which leads me away from the movie and into my own fantasies. 

Score: 2 / 5
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Tags: action, science fiction, crime, 2010s