Weird Science

1985 | Dir: John Hughes | 1h 34m

As geekdom becomes ever more dominant in popular culture and socially acceptable, it's fascinating to go back and see how the old stereotypes are represented, and it seems that most my "research" are in John Hughes' filmography that I somehow missed out on (nearly) entirely growing up. This is also a film that would probably benefit from nostalgia goggles, but I digress: it seems to mean well but was a little too wacky for me to get behind - well, at least the first part of the film. Echoing Frankenstein, the two boys throw together a series of computer settings and scanned images to create their girlfriend, in what I first misunderstood and writing off as completely ridiculous. Then I remembered I was watching a comedy (maybe I was just a bit grumpy that evening) and I allowed myself to go with the flow and enjoy the ride. Some of the followup scenes were hit or miss for me, but overall the movie was enjoyable and I was glad that The Perfect Woman did not play into the "born sexy yesterday" trope that befalls many films. I'm certain this would get better with subsequent views and enjoyable with the company of friends.

Score: 3 / 5

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Tags: 1980s, science fiction, comedy, romance