Peeping Tom

1960 | Dir: Michael Powell | 1h 41m

This was discussed in some detail on a podcast I just started recently (The Evolution of Horror) where they tackle the path of various horror genres, starting with slashers. In this case, the topic was Psycho and Peeping Tom, both of which came out within months of one another and both being influential, although Peeping Tom ended up being banned and ruining the career of the director, Michael Powell, and Psycho was heralded as one of the greats and Hitchcock was celebrated. So I was expecting a bit of a sleazy, almost trashy film, but Peeping Tom was anything but. Our villain is more sympathetic than Bates, and has more room to develop as an actual character as the film takes place from his perspective.

Score: 4 / 5 | IMDB Letterboxd

Tags: horror, thriller, drama, 1960s