2007 | dir: Lee Tamahori | 1h 6m

Did I see this movie once before, over a decade ago, or am I seeing it for the first time now? Was it that forgettable? Yet it's hardly forgettable as it seems like a bit of a meme-factory or at the very least, a production floor of Nic Cage gifs for quick internet consumption. The plot is straightforward enough that I question why Cage has to be so odd yet I recognize it's part of what he does. Everyone else (Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel) just kind of show up for the movie while Cage hams it up as a character who can see two minutes into the future, unless he's around Biel's character. The logistics aren't really explained: it seems to be a superpower in that he can play out the next two minutes in infinite ways before allowing time to progress as normal. While I could see an interesting story here about our hero who is struggling with reality (perhaps he sees the next two minutes and the present simultaneously), instead we have Cage testing out dozens of pickup lines to seduce a woman who seems adamant about rejecting his advances; but he finds a way through - which feels manipulative - I would have been happier if he just found a way to become this woman's friend for the sole reason of enhancing his abilities. We could have even had more greatness if maybe she had her own abilities that were also enhanced around Cage. Alas, the film plays things safe yet weird. It's not a terrible film but it's far from great.

1.5 / 5 | IMDB | Letterboxd

Tags: thriller, action, science fiction