The Dawn Wall

2017 | dir: Josh Lowell, Peter Mortimer | 101 m

A little while ago Cale coerced me into watching Free Solo; it had been on my watchlist/radar for a bit but sometimes you just need that little encouragement to take the plunge. It's not that i dislike documentaries, it's just that I *rarely* watch them. And the film did not disappoint; so when it came time to watch a movie with my parents and we were browsing Netflix, I had to jump on The Dawn Wall: the ingredients were similar to Free Solo and it looked to be well regarded. Dawn does not disappoint. The documentary follows Tommy Caldwell's incredible story in his journey to not just climb El Capitan, but to strike out a new route up what would have been considered an impossible obstacle. It's an interesting lifestory, harrowing to watch and incredibly fascinating. It also makes me quite happy to be content on the ground my entire life, yet respect those that strive for the ascent. This is a must watch for anyone with the slightest tingle of adventure in them.

Rating: 4 / 5 | IMDB | Letterboxd

Tags: adventure, documentary