City Slickers

1991 | dir: Ron Underwood112 m

This one hit me a bit harder than I thought it would. Putting City Slickers on having not seen it in upwards of twenty five years, I was was expecting a bit of a light comedy on a Sunday evening to round out the weekend; but it was different than I had remembered it as a child: it was relevant to my age. Indeed, Billy Crystal's character and group of friends are experiencing a pre-middle aged crisis of sorts as they approach 40 and begin questioning their happiness (or contentment may be more appropriate) when he takes a look at his career and what life has amounted to. They find themselves taking a fully immersive ranch vacation: a few weeks working the land and taking a long journey of bringing cattle across country. It's funny as always, and perhaps even moreso now that I'm older (arguably more mature), but notably poignant and entertaining as we watch these characters overcome the odds whilst hitting their own highs and lows. It's a touching adventure and I look forward to seeing the sequel (of which I have no memory of seeing in my childhood).

Rating: 3.5 / 5 

Tags: comedy