2019 | dir: David Yarovesky | 91 m

The premise was simple enough: what if Superman came to Earth but turned out to be a real jerk? It's not exactly new either, but the current superhero-dominated cinema landscape hasn't played around with the idea of these super-powered being letting loose with all their strength. So I was excited, for a short time. The movie came and went without much fanfare, so when I did have an opportunity to check it out, I was expecting pretty poor results. And that's pretty much what I got: there is nothing particularly interesting about this film as it fails to really delve into the character of an "Evil Superman." Instead, it really leans into grotesque horror, which doesn't need to be super-villain fueled - you'll get a lot of nasty body stuff going on in other more competent thrillers. There's much to be said about the child's turn to evil and lack of motivation in doing so, but I might be venturing into spoiler territory and ultimately, it doesn't matter: every character - save for mom played by Elizabeth Banks - is a flat, shallow jerk. While I initially gave it two stars, I'm finding it difficult to justify why now (a couple of weeks later): there is very little redeeming the film (the special effects are good and the runtime is brisk).

Rating: 2 / 5


Tags: horror, thriller, science fiction, superhero