2009 | dir: David Pastor | 84 m

This film has been sitting in my collection for nearly a decade, nearing the top of the watchlist on occasion but nearing the "get rid of" pile more often than not. Every few years I must evaluate some of those bottom films and give it an opportunity to state its case on sticking around a bit longer. Unfortunately, I couldn't tell you what made me keep this film around, although I'm glad I did as putting it on and finishing the film (in one sitting, no less) granted a sense of accomplishment that is altogether uncommon in my habits. The film, Carriers, is merely okay though: it follows two brothers - and their girlfriends - as they navigate the harsh post-apocalyptic disease-ridden country. Their goal is to reach a fondly remember childhood beach town the brothers vacationed at as kids, but they'll come across other survivors and dangers. It's honestly, pretty run of the mill. Chris Pine does turn in a decent performance, but the film teeters too strongly on the genre tropes and is immediately all too familiar. It attempts to build some suspense on occasion but it quicky peters out: the strength of the film resides in building the brothers' relationship.

Rating: 1.5 / 5

Tags: horror, thriller, action, drama, science fiction