IT Chapter Two

2019 | dir: Andy Muschietti | 169 m

Following up 2017's IT remake was not going to be an easy task, but I felt confident and yes, even excited for the second chapter. I really adored IT, so it bums me out a touch that I wasn't enthralled with the next installment - although I want to chalk up some of my experience to recent illness and a general burnout on films in general. What's really missing from Chapter Two is all the charm from the first one, and it's a direct result of the story and focusing entirely on the Losers as adults (there is a good amount of childhood stuff thrown in though). As opposed to a horror/coming-of-age story, we are instead given a very defined, mission-based movie that relies on the characters remembering all the events from the first film (which are fresh in our mind) and knowing exactly what they are up against. As a result, the film feels as though it meanders a bit as they search their own childhood while we - the audience - know exactly where this all ends up. The film clocking in at nearly three hours long doesn't help the situation either but I don't feel as though we do without much of what we get and I'm curious if the parallel storytelling of the original would have worked better in this situation - and yes, I still need to see that original miniseries. The stuff I did like: the casting was incredible; the journey the characters take was rewarding, and the imagery was incredible. Chapter Two spills onto screen with absolute demonic and twisted ideas that was a delight to see on the big screen. Without question this was a solid followup but found it lacking - I will definitely be doing a double feature when it hits home screens later on.

Rating: 3 / 5

Tags: horror