The Blob

1988 | dir: Chuck Russell | 95 m

There's a poster floating around for this film that features a still from the movie wherein one of our characters is bursting toward you, covered in the slime of the blob itself: it always gave me the chills. There's really no excuse for taking so long to watch this, and I'm kicking myself after now just doing so for the first time, as this movie was an absolute blast. The film mixes together the ideal level of humour/hokiness with abject horror as we're treated to numerous on screen deaths that hit me harder than your typical gore film. The Blob is not afraid to push you around: it sets up characters and gives them personality, then pulls the rug out from under you with some of their gruesome deaths. Indeed, no one is safe here and the rules are set upon very early, which makes the rest of the film that much more intense. The special effects are absolutely incredible, with just a few shots that were clearly not given a priority - IMDb trivia tells me half the budget of the film was spent on special effects, and it really shows. I could easily see this film working it's way into an annual rotation.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Tags: horror, science fiction