Ad Astra

2019 | dir: James Gray | 124 m

As Earth is plunged into disaster, Brad Pitt ventures into space to find his father, echoing a mixture of both 2001: A Space Odyssey and the more recent Interstellar. It ends up being a very solid film, but it lacked a certain "wow" factor that some other contemporary science fiction films have provided. Pitt turns in an excellent performance amid an intriguing story that never outstays its welcome - there is on scene that felt a bit forced, but the film runs at a near-perfect two hours and is satisfying in each act. What really got me excited was the depiction of this future; it feels grounded, realistic and doesn't venture into the outrageous, but more of an evolution of our current world. It will be worth rewatching just to pick up more details in these beautiful shots, and I have a feeling this will grow even better in time. This is the type of sci-fi I want to see on the big screen.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Tags: adventure, drama, science fiction