2013 | dir: Joseph Kosinski | 124 m

It was love at first sight with Oblivion all those years ago in the theatre; enough so that I tried to delve headfirst into a proper review but failed spectacularly as I ended up with a shell of a review that failed to really deliver anything meaningful. It was deleted after a few weeks up on my site. Perhaps that review ran a parallel with the actual film: Oblivion is pure style with very little substance. It borrows heavily from other films and even back then I would say it's not necessarily a bad thing to do: the film really does mix together these elements to provide a satisfactory story with some nice sci-fi flourishes and made all the much better by the killer M83 soundtrack. Visiting this film again I was disappointed that I wouldn't give it the five star treatment. It runs a bit long, and truly is shallow: there's no great insight to be gleamed from the narrative, as it provides a window into a bleak future world where humanity is on the brink of destruction and only Cruise's character can save the day. But damn those drones are awesome. It has many of the right elements checked, but just doesn't achieve perfection.

Rating: 4 / 5

Tags: adventure, action, science fiction

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