Friday the 13th: Part III

As I work my way through a few different classic series, I stumble upon the third in a franchise and always forget one important trope from the '80s: the third movie MUST be in 3D.

Of course, I don't have the 3D version of Friday the 13th Part III, but the effect is obvious and quite frankly, distracting. Instead of panning across suburban street with kids playing baseball, the camera focuses on the child holding the baseball bat directly at the camera for a few seconds before moving on. We've got a yo-yo scene (which goes on for seconds too long), juggling, brooms and of course, lots of stabby weapons, including both ends of a pitchfork. This may seem like nipticking and it really is. I just can't help but think of all the scene setup and extra seconds here and there "wasted" on the 3D visuals, but on the other hand I would be really interested to see what these effects looked like in theatres back in the '80s, having only really experienced modern, Avatar-type 3D over the past few years myself.

Part III adheres to the formula of the first two, albeit with mediocre characters. I saw another review that noted that all the women look identical and it's true: it was tough telling them apart. We have a group of locals who cause trouble for our teens in a "subplot" that feels exaggerated and over the top but serves the purpose of adding more to the film's body count. Our camp friends aren't that much better, and some are just downright awful.

I must say that I was not expecting Jason's iconic mask to be so humdrum in origin; if anything, it was a bit disappointing but I was happy to see it happen organically, at least.

It's a fairly negative review but I did enjoy the movie for what it was; being just the third one in and coming off the one-two punch of greatness, it's inevitable that the series takes a turn for the worse, and I suspect that it gets much, much worse than this.

Tags: horror, thriller, 1980s, slasher, Friday the 13th

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