• The Black Demon (2023)
    Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. From the director who brought us Rambo: Last Blood comes a new terrifying vision of aquatic violence known as The Black Demon. Is it a giant shark? A mutant aberration? A zoological holdover from an ancient race of megalodons? An instrument of vengeance sent by the gods to punish humanity for our crimes against nature? An allegory for the consequences of our centuries of environmental mismanagement? The manifestation of one man’s guilt as he struggles to find his humanity and a hint of redemption in a cruel, unforgiving world? Who’s to say? No really, who? With an eclectic mix of family drama, action, shady corporate politics, violence, esoteric references to ’90s sitcoms, and a hint of the supernatural, The Black Demon seems to have a lot to say, and lucky for you, the Reel Film Chronicles is here to make sense of it all. In a topsy, turvy world it’s nice to know that there’s a podcast out there that makes everything all right. So join your … Read more
  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie
    It’s a me, the Real Film Chronicles review of the Super Mario Bros. Movie! After 40 years and a couple of false starts, Nintendo finally made a successful transition from video games to the silver screen (all due respect to The Wizard and 1993’s Super Mario Bros.). With an all-star cast; the full might of the animated film film titan, Illumination; Nintendo’s Scrooge-McDuck-esque coffers; and four decades of simmering nostalgia, The Super Mario Bros. Movie seems to have cemented its place in movie history, raking in over a billion dollars during its theatrical run. But does the movie do justice to the timeless tale of two plumbers from Brooklyn transported to a magical realm of princesses, sentient mushrooms, talking apes, and dinosaur despots? Listen in as your intrepid hosts explore the ins and outs of Nintendo’s first successful film and maybe also learn a thing or two about the untold film history of your old pals Mario and Luigi. So dust off that Tanookie suit, hop in your go-kart, and take a ride down rainbow road with The Reel Film Chronicles … Read more
  • Operation Fortune
    Strap yourself in and prepare for a non-stop, white-knuckle, action-packed thrill ride. And if that doesn’t pan out, then you can always unstrap yourself and sit down to watch Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre instead, the perfect movie for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Guy Ritchie’s action adventure spy movie runs at a brisk pace quite confidently down the exact middle of the road, moored as much by the obvious fun Ritchie takes in getting to tell his own stories in his own voice as by the script, cast, or action sequences. Elevated by a talented cast, the movie seems as much an excuse for Ritchie and his crew of regular contributors to hang out in exotic locations worldwide and enjoy themselves as much as to actually film a movie. Which, honestly, you can’t really get too upset about because any one of us would probably want to do the same thing given the chance. Join your intrepid hosts as they dive into the world of Operation Fortune and the filmography of one of Hollywood’s definitely A-List directors.  OPERATION FORTUNE (2023)dir: Guy RitchieStarring: Jason Statham … Read more
  • Cocaine Bear
    If there’s one constant in the film industry, it’s that the only sure way to improve a movie is to add copious amounts of cocaine, either behind or in front of the camera. If any movie proves this, it is certainly Cocaine Bear. Unleashed upon suspecting audiences after an incredibly effective marketing campaign, the bloody, drug-fuelled mayhem of the movie ironically serves as a sort of cinematic palate cleanser, offering a ridiculously fun escape from the drudgery of the real world. Stretching even the most liberal interpretation of the oft-invoked Hollywood mantra of “Based on a true story,” Cocaine Bear is refreshing in that it makes no pretense of even trying to portray actual events, sticking mostly to the two things that make this movie such a fun ride: namely, the cocaine and the bear. Directed by the prolific Elizabeth Banks and including a colourful cast of oddball characters, Cocaine Bear is surely the kind of film that you want injected straight into your veins. Join your intrepid hosts as they break down the blood-soaked, drug-induced lunacy of Cocaine Bear. For … Read more
  • The Edge
    What one podcast can do, another can do!. Welcome to The Edge. You find yourself facing an existential crisis as you try to survive in the wilderness with nothing more than your wits, the clothes on your back, a pocket knife, and your two friends. Cold, wet, and a hundred miles from anywhere remotely resembling civilization, you struggle to scrounge up food and shelter while trying to figure out who among your fellow survivors you can trust and who your wife may or may not be thanking for “all the long nights.” On top of this, you must contend with a crazed bear, a 1,500-pound behemoth with a taste for human blood and a flair for the dramatic. But on the bright side, if you make it out of this alive, your current best survival horror story about not being able to hail a cab on the streets of New York that one time will definitely get knocked down to second place. If you think you have the intestinal fortitude to brave the elements, then once you get back, treat … Read more