Website Disaster

I guess it was inevitable: a technical website disaster has struck Reel Film Chronicles, and it's entirely my own fault. You see, I was switching hosts (in the name of saving a few dollars a month) and during this process, I neglected to point the database at the new site, so when the old contract finally expired, all data was lost. Now, since I *thought* I was migrating properly, I had a proper backup from the date of migration, but anything done on the site from that date (I think that was June) to now (September) has been lost without backup. The old host has purged that account and all data entirely. 

On the bright side, we didn't lose that much. We've both been inactive with new posts over the summer as we focused on recording and producing our podcast. I do apologise as Nathan was working on a killer Fast & The Furious post that has been lost. Let this be a lesson to us all: keep backups! 

The site is operational again but our logo is completely broken, and I haven't had the time (or patience, more accurately) to investigate why. So, the site is still alive, and although a bit neglected, will be updated again soon. Thank you all for your patience and for checking out the podcast!

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