Latitude Zero

[ 1969 – Ishirō Honda – 89 min ]

In following Tears_in_Rain’s excellent Godzilla & Friends Marathon list ( I’ve really taken an appreciation in the (somewhat) non-monster films, and the world of super powerful submarines. Latitude Zero unexpectedly delivers me another great sub, but also a very Wakanda-ish civilization hiding at the bottom of the ocean living their best lives – and they are very long lives. 

Every Thursday night I put on one of these films, and I must say I was taken aback at first that the film was entirely in English, but glad to see that there wasn’t any egregious dubbing, in fact quite the opposite: the Japanese actors were speaking English throughout, and the usual tomfoolery and outlandish plots and characters were still fully intact to fit alongside the other sci-fi entries of this era. 

Dr. Malic is delightfully evil, bringing along some wonderfully deranged monsters (mostly all regular size, I should note) and his own advanced submarine that just can’t quite compete with the good guys, but his diabolical plans and go-to attitude doesn’t let him slowdown his fight.

This entry didn’t quite tickle my fancy like the others have so far, although I can’t lay any real serious criticism against the film. One of the reasons I really got into “foreign film Thursdays” was for how easy it is to avoid distractions when I’m focusing on sub-titles, so perhaps this entry felt a bit like cheating, or fell off that regular pattern a bit. Regardless, it’s a fun entry and worth checking out, if for nothing else than providing a larger than life villain and a tease of the workings of this underwater utopia.