Bottom 5 Films of 2023

In this very special episode, your intrepid hosts dive into the depths of cinematic disappointment as they unveil their Bottom Five Films of 2023. Welcome once again to our annual rundown of the cinematic catastrophes that left us bewildered, disappointed, and perhaps a little angry over the past year. From cringe-inducing sci-fi flops to poorly executed franchise entries, and forgettable thrillers, the bottom five list represents a cautionary tale of what happens when creative vision goes awry or when the alchemy of storytelling fails to transmute into cinematic gold.

This is where, as the saying goes, we wade through the murky waters of mediocrity, and we mark the passing of another rotation around our nearest star with a grimace and a shake of the head, as we recall the films that failed to leave any positive impression on us or left us disappointed. This annual tradition serves as a solemn reminder of the diverse landscape of cinema, where not every endeavor reaches the heights of greatness, and some inevitably crash and burn in spectacular fashion.

So join us, The Reel Film Chronicles, as we reflect on the unfortunate missteps and cinematic misfires of the past year. Whether you cringe in solidarity or vehemently disagree with our choices, your engagement fuels our passion for discussing the art of filmmaking, even when it’s less than stellar. We thank you for enduring this journey with us, whether it’s out of morbid curiosity or a shared disdain for the cinematic failures of 2023.