Bottom 5 of 2022

Every year, there is an event in the film industry so momentous that throngs of people gather from every corner of the globe, hanging on every word as though bestowed upon them by a mighty prophet bringing tidings of wisdom and insight on a scale previously unheard of. That’s right, it’s time for The Reel Film Chronicles yearly top 10 episode. Join your intrepid hosts as they reminisce¬†and wax philosophical about their favourite movies of 2022. Better than the Oscars, the Golden Globes, and the BAFTAs combined, this countdown of films that made an impact on us from the last (calendar) year covers the gamut from low-budget indie films to intestine-rattling blockbusters. Using our patented and scientifically proven method to assess movies, we break down exactly why these motion pictures touched our hearts and our minds and places in between. So listen in to find out what all the kids are talking about, and maybe discover some new favourite movies along the way.¬†

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0:00 – Introduction & Overview
3:38 – 5: Dual (Nathan)
6:23 – 5: Spiderhead (Brian)
8:07 – 4: Halloween Ends (Nathan)
10:43 – 4: Morbius (Brian)
13:58 – 3: Jurassic World Dominion (Nathan)
18:37 – 3: Gold (Brian)
21:56 – 2: Moonfall (Nathan)
25:31 – 2: Dark Glasses (Brian)
28:16 – 1 :Interceptor (Nathan)
32:20 – 1: The Cellar (Brian)
34:34 – Honorable Mentions