Cocaine Bear

If there’s one constant in the film industry, it’s that the only sure way to improve a movie is to add copious amounts of cocaine, either behind or in front of the camera. If any movie proves this, it is certainly Cocaine Bear. Unleashed upon suspecting audiences after an incredibly effective marketing campaign, the bloody, drug-fuelled mayhem of the movie ironically serves as a sort of cinematic palate cleanser, offering a ridiculously fun escape from the drudgery of the real world. Stretching even the most liberal interpretation of the oft-invoked Hollywood mantra of “Based on a true story,” Cocaine Bear is refreshing in that it makes no pretense of even trying to portray actual events, sticking mostly to the two things that make this movie such a fun ride: namely, the cocaine and the bear. Directed by the prolific Elizabeth Banks and including a colourful cast of oddball characters, Cocaine Bear is surely the kind of film that you want injected straight into your veins. Join your intrepid hosts as they break down the blood-soaked, drug-induced lunacy of Cocaine Bear. For if not to portray a wild animal out of its mind on cocaine brutally murdering people, then why was the medium of film even invented?

Director: Elizabeth Banks
Starring: Keri Russell – Brooklynn Prince – Christian Convery
Thriller – Comedy – Crime
96 min