Our next episode to drop is your one stop shop for Copshop talk. Did it rock our blocks or turn out to be a flop? For fans of Joe Carnahan, this may have been the very plot that you’ve sought. The titular cop shop serves as the backdrop to the plot, a single spot fraught with danger, wherein our characters are locked, though everything is not exactly as you thought. Our main characters count down the clock in shock at the constant risk of getting shot or chopped, and loyalties are tested as stories are swapped and our heroes and villains try not to blow their tops as they learn who actually walks the walk and who merely talks the talk. So hop on board and eavesdrop as our hosts squawk and unravel the knot of whether to sing Copshop’s praises from the hilltops or block it from their memories faster than a photoshopped cyclops bar-hopping across the flat-top with an atomic lollipop.

COPSHOP | 2021
directed by Joe Carnahan
starring Gerard Butler – Frank Grillo – Alexis Louder – Toby Huss
action / crime / thriller | 107 min