Day Shift

Vampires. Brooding creatures of the night that stalk their prey in the shadows. Their ideal habitat: sunny California? Welcome to the world of Day Shift, a tale of working class vampire hunters just trying to make ends meet by brutally murdering and plundering the corpses of another race of sentient beings. Gather up your garlic and the holiest water you can muster as you experience a world where the vampires are perhaps more twisted and evil than ever before as they deal not only in human blood but also in real estate, driving down prices in a vampire gentrification scheme worthy of a Policy Academy movie. Facing down these bloodsucking real estate tycoons are Bud (Jamie Foxx) and an entire underworld of vampire hunters and various associated bureaucrats, with a network and economy so vast it puts the secret assassin’s society of John Wick to shame. Join us as we take a bite out of Day Shift and explore the not-so-shadowy world of vampire hunting in the Golden State.

DAY SHIFT (2022)
directed by J.J. Perry
starring: Jamie Foxx – Dave Franco – Natasha Liu Bordizzo – Meagan Good – Zion Broadnax – Snoop Dogg
horror – action – fantasy – comedy | 113 min