2021 | directed by Denis Villeneuve
starring Timothee Chalamet | Rebecca Ferguson | Oscar Isaac | Josh Brolin | Stellan Skarsgard
action / science-fiction | 155 min

Strap on your stillsuits and grab a heaping helping of spice as you travel along with The Reel Film Chronicles to delve into the world of Dune. Based on Frank Herbert’s epic novel of the same name, Denis Villeneuve’s film adaptation is an ambitious interpretation of a story that has long been categorized as unfilmable (with the notable exception of David Lynch’s attempt with his own cinematic version back in 1984, which has since garnered a cult following). As recent converts to the Dune-iverse, Brian and Nathan bring to bear their own insightful insights to the denizens and political machinations of Arrakis. Such challenging source material requires the skill and patience rivalling the bene gesserit themselves. Tune in to find out whether 2021’s Dune exceeded even the most prescient of visions or whether it earned itself a place in the gullet of a sandworm.




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