Event Horizon

This podcast is a tomb. In the Year of our Lord 1997, a movie was unleashed on an unsuspecting population. A movie so vile, so terrifying, so violent, so gruesome that it borrowed its way into our collective conscience, wrapping its tendrils around our cerebral cortex, refusing to let us forget her. That movie was Event Horizon. A sci-fi-horror staple for those in the know, it became a beloved cult classic, even (or maybe especially) among those of us who were traumatized at a young age by the grisly imagery and claustrophobic atmosphere. Event Horizon wound up being one of those lighting-in-a-bottle (or hellfire-in-a-spaceship) situations, with a unique concept executed to perfection with an all-star cast led by Laurence Fishburne and Sam Neill on a spaceship set that looked like the design had been pulled from the deranged minds of Clive Barker’s Cenobites. Violent murders, slow descents into madness, and a spaceship that may or may not have travelled to the literal incarnation of Hell are all hallmarks of one of the most idiosyncratic and memorable entries into both the sci-fi and horror movie pantheons. The choice laid before you now is this; listen to this episode of The Real Film Chronicles and delve into the twisted world of Event Horizon or save yourself… from Hell!

Event Horizon (1997)
directed by: Paul W. S. Anderson
starring: Laurence Fishburne – Sam Neill – Kathleen Quinlan – Joely Richardson
science fiction – mystery – horror
95 min

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