Infinity Pool

Sometimes we all need a little vacation. A little time in the sun. A few drinks. Some good food. Chance encounters with charming strangers. Clandestine hand jobs. Accidental homicides. Drug-fuelled orgies. Human cloning. You know. The usual regimen of rest and relaxation. Welcome to Infinity Pool. Have you ever considered how spending some time getting away from it all you might be inadvertently (or not-so-inadvertently) contributing to the exploitation and appropriation of other cultures and nations? Well, forget about taking another guilt-free vacation ever again, because Infinity Pool takes a scathing look at the battle for one man’s soul while also turning an uncomfortably critical eye on the tourism industry. Brought to you by the twisted mind of Brandon Cronenberg, son of David Cronenberg, this is not a movie for the squeamish or the faint of heart. Playing in the same thematic sandbox as his father, Cronenberg II definitively carves out his own cinematic territory with his third film. Would a consequence-free world to be an opportunity to explore the boundaries of pleasure and pain and dance upon that thin line between ecstasy and depravity or would it create a moral hellscape, a perpetual state of perdition from which there is no salvation, from forces either internal or external? Join your intrepid hosts and dip your toes into the Infinity Pool to explore a veritable tsunami of moral, philosophical, and existential quandaries that will no doubt seep into the deepest, darkest regions of your mind. Just make sure not to eat anything for at least a half an hour before listening to this episode.

directed by Brandon Cronenberg
starring: Alexander Skarsgard – Mia Goth – Cleopatra Coleman – Jalil Lespert
horror – science-fiction – thriller
118 min