Werewolves Within

In this episode, Brian and Nathan sink their teeth into Werewolves Within, the latest in a long line of video game movie adaptations. You’ll howl with delight as your intrepid hosts take a bite out of the werewolf movie subgenre before trying to make heads or tails out of Werewolves Within. The fur will fly as Brian and Nathan debate the cinematic merits (or lack thereof) of this latest lycanthropic legend. Fans of werewolves will be over the moon as the discussion examines the elements that make a great werewolf tale and whether Werewolves Within is able to claw its way to the top of the heap. So settle in for yet another fangtastic episode that asks the tough philosophical questions like whether there can be too much gore in a werewolf movie? (Short answer: No, no there can’t be.)

directed by Josh Ruben
starring Sam Richardson – Milana Vayntrub – George Basic – Sarah Burns
horror / comedy
97 min