Avatar: The Way of Water

The future is now, and it is blue. Return to Pandora with Avatar: The Way of Water, a vibrant, fully realized alien world populated by sexy, blue cat people who will make you feel things you didn’t know were possible. After thirteen years, James Cameron is back with the sequel to his incredibly popular movie Avatar in a bid to unseat Marvel and Star Wars from their thrones as the monarchs of modern blockbuster films. What the film lacks in subtlety it makes up for in spectacle. Bear witness as Cameron and his team of technical wizards take us to the edge of photorealism, creating a world so visually stunning that it wouldn’t be surprising to learn they had actually filmed real aliens on a distant planet. Armed with thirteen years of technological advancements, Avatar: The Way of Water boasts a runtime of more than three hours, so CGI action is your cup of tea, prepare yourself for a really big cup. Join Jake Sully, Neytiri, their children, and the rest of Na’vi as they continue to fight against the human colonizers in their ongoing battle to hammer home the movie’s anit-imperialist, pro-environmental themes, which are as important as they are obvious. So join us as we dive in (pun intended) to the next chapter in James Cameron’s sci-fi epic that takes audiences deep below the surface of Pandora’s oceans and discover whether you’d like to test the waters for yourself. One episode ends, another begins.

directed by James Cameron
starring: Sam Worthington – Zoe Saldana – Sigourney Weaver – Stephen Lang – Kate Winslet
science-fiction – action – adventure
192 min

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