The Fabelmans

In this episode, your intrepid hosts dive into The Fabelmans, Steven Spielberg’s loving, personal tribute to Steven Spielberg. A semi-autobiographical journey back to the 1950s and 60s, The Fabelmans follows young Sammy Spielberg Fabelman and his family as he discovers his true calling as a maker of films. As the power of cinema compels him, Sammy hones both his technical skill and artistic expression as he grows into an amateur writer/director/editor/savant as he and his family face their own personal and collective trials and tribulations. So join us as we explore the latest movie from one of the greatest directors of all time and discover the magic of cinema all over again, if that’s what you’re into. Just make sure to keep your eye on that horizon.

directed by Steven Spielberg
starring: Gabriel LaBelle – Michelle Williams – Paul Dano – Seth Rogen
drama | 151 min

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