Journey along with Brian and Nathan as they explore the darkest depths of the human mind, test the very limits of human decency, and put their sanity – and indeed their very souls – in peril in an odyssey that must be heard to be believed. In this episode, the dynamic duo share their incredibly insightful insights on CENSOR, the feature-length debut from director Prano Bailey-Bond. The movie takes viewers back in time to the 1980s England which was in danger of being submerged under a wave of moral panic in regards to those particularly scandalous horror and exploitation films known not-so-affectionately as the “video nasties.” Against this backdrop, CENSOR depicts one woman’s descent into madness as she tries to unravel the mystery of her sister who went missing and in the process and somehow finds herself cast in a low-budget horror film alongside the Beastman himself. Marvel as Brian and Nathan try desperately to maintain any modicum of suspense through the end of the episode as they gush about how much they love this film that exemplifies the genre of psychological horror and demonstrate why neither of them would last more than five minutes in a game of poker.