Wrath of Man

Picture this: You’re alone on a tropical island, basking in the tangerine glow of the setting sun, reveling in nature’s majesty. Then, out of nowhere, out jumps Jason Statham and twelve, burly men brandishing various weapons and implements of death, destruction, and torture. You whisper a silent prayer of thanks to Guy Ritchie who is hiding in a nearby bush with a movie camera, and lean forward to get a better view of the carnage to come because Statham has just saved you from another boring evening staring at the sun set while trying in vain not to end up with pants full of sand. Such is the power of Jason Statham to shatter the sense of boredom and malaise we’ve been conditioned to think of as tranquility. Wrath of Man is the latest of Guy Ritchie’s foray into the gangster underworld, teaming up for the fourth time with Jason Statham, arguably his greatest on-screen muse. So get ready to get wrathful with Nathan and Brian as they explore this perfect antidote to a lazy Sunday afternoon, and marvel as Brian struggles to remember who the hell this Guy Ritchie character is.