Crimes of the Future

Do you enjoy deconstructing hierarchies of sexual, political, and artistic power within our society? Have you ever depicted stunning imagery blurring the lines between pleasure and pain? Have you ever found yourself described as “body horror?” Do you find yourself consistently having to work on a very tight budget, often with support from Telefilm Canada? Have you ever had to have your violence toned down by some kind of ratings board? Well then, you might be a David Cronenberg film. One of Canada’s favourite sons is back with his latest and greatest, Crimes of the Future. Fully encapsulating all phases of his earlier work, Cronenberg’s newest endeavour is as much an ode to his own repertoire as it is a movie in its own right. Set in a dystopic future where humanity is forced to face – or deny – the next stage in our evolution, Crimes of the Future dares to ask questions about how future generations will adapt to an environment increasingly darkened by the shadow of the byproducts of our industrialized society. It also asks questions about the artistic relevance of a mutant man covered in human ears and many other pressing social and political issues. Crimes of the Future has all of the hallmarks of a David Cronenberg joint, but does it stack up to his earlier work? And if it does, is Cronenberg even your particular cup of tea? Listen in to the latest episode of the Reel Film Chronicles as we dissect Crimes of the Future, and decide whether you’ve found your next hidden gem you won’t shut up about to family and friends or you’d rather sit in a bathroom eating a garbage can before being suffocated by your own mother. Either way, welcome to the wonderful world of David Cronenberg.

directed by David Cronenberg
starring: Viggo Mortensen – Lea Seydoux – Scott Speedman – Kristen Stewart
horror – drama – sci-fi | 107 min

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00:00 – Introduction, Overview and Cronenberg
12:04 – Feature Film Discussion
56:12 – Ratings
59:42 – Final Thoughts and Closing