There are few things as scary as the certainty that so often accompanies our most deeply held beliefs. Well, that and spiders. But mostly humanity’s unfailing confidence in our own most fallacious viewpoints. What does this have to do with Jordan Peele’s latest feature-length film, Nope, you may ask? Well, you devilishly handsome / dazzling beautiful, incredibly perceptive, mysterious, definitely-not-imaginary stranger I didn’t just invent for rhetorical purposes, I’m glad you asked. Like his previous two movies, Peele’s latest offering is a horror movie that explores a plethora of current social issues while at the same time scaring the pants and/or skirts off of audiences. Tackling everything from the more exploitative aspects of the entertainment industry to the struggle against the erasure of black history, Nope offers intelligent social commentary along with its fair share of thrills, spills, and kills, drawing on a broad array of influences, from Akira to Jurassic Park. Join your intrepid hosts as we explore Jordan Peele’s latest entry into the horror pantheon and discover whether he manages to entertain and inspire or whether you should indeed follow the advice of the movie’s title. So grab your cowboy hats and your latest copy of MAD Magazine, and join the Reel Film Chronicles as we take a deep dive on Nope. (No chimps allowed.)

NOPE (2022)
directed by Jordan Peele
starring: Daniel Kaluuya – Keke Palmer – Brandon Perea – Steven Yeun – Michael Wincott
thriller – sci-fi – horror
130 min

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