In the entirety of human history, there has perhaps been no question more pertinent to our place in the universe than whether you could beat yourself in a fight. Dual, the latest film from Riley Stearns, explores a future where humanity has perfected the science of cloning, which sometimes results in some awkward situations that can only be solved through some good, old-fashioned fights to the death. So, basically, your average Thanksgiving dinner. Touching on themes of death, identity, and legacy, Dual invites audiences into a world of deadpan dialogue, strained relationships, and clone support payments, but provides no easy answers. Perhaps fittingly for a movie predicated on diametrically opposed motivations, your intrepid hosts find themselves at odds, presenting dual viewpoints on what might be one of the best films of the year or a worse cinematic crime than the Transformers movies depending on your point of view. So grab your crossbow, take a nice long drink of water (but only if offered by someone you trust with your life), and tune in to find out if Dual is the sci-fi hidden gem you’ve been looking for.

DUAL (2022)
directed by Riley Stearns
starring: Karen Gillan – Aaron Paul – Beulah Koale – Theo James
science-fiction – thriller
95 min

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