The Last Duel

2021 | directed by Ridley Scott
starring Jodie Comer | Matt Damon | Adam Driver | Harriet Walter | Ben Affleck
drama / action / history | 153 min

In this week’s exciting episode, Brian and Nathan discuss The Last Duel, the latest film from Ridley Scott. An historical epic about the events leading up to the last legally sanctioned duel in France, the movie wrestles with some very timely subject matter, including the very human cost of sexual assault and structural mysogyny. Join our intrepid duo as they take a deep dive into The Last Duel, exploring the unique narrative structure, powerful themes, and singular vision of one of the best movies that 2021 had to offer despite being largely ignored during its initial theatrical release. This episode also explores the celebrated filmography of Ridley Scott and where The Last Duel falls in his pantheon, in the kind of thoughtful, nuanced way you’re come to expect from The Reel Film Chronicles.




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00:00 – Introduction
01:13 – Ridley Scott Filmography
24:47 – The Last Duel
1:13:12 – Ratings
1:15:46 – Final Comments