The face of evil has a new… face. In this week’s exciting episode, Brian and Nathan delve into James Wan’s latest horror opus, Malignant. The movie is another entry in the genre from one of only two people in history to ever successfully oversee a cinematic universe, so, of course, expectations for Malignant were entirely realistic and reasonable. Part slasher, part body horror, part psychological thriller, Malignant festers in the mind long after the credits roll owing to an original idea and a unique voice. Does Malignant usher in a bloody new era of horror and franchising rights? Tune in to hear our dynamic duo discuss the merits of James Wan’s latest and greatest and weigh in on whether murder and horrific surgery is scarier than parking unnecessarily close to the edge of cliff.

directed by James Wan
starring Annabelle Wallis – Maddie Hasson – George Young – Michole Briana White
mystery / thriller / horror
112 min