The Mummy

1999 | directed by Stephen Sommers
starring Brendan Fraser – Rachel Weisz – John Hannah – Arnold Vosloo
fantasy / action / adventure | 124 min

In the summer of 1999, Universal unleashed The Mummy, an action-adventure reimagining of the 1932 horror classic of the same name, bringing to life a timeless mix of action, romance, and grave robbing. Few movies can boast the sheer joy and excitement that emanate from every frame of The Mummy. The movie is still remarkable in its power to transport audiences both young and old to fantastic worlds populated by a host of colourful characters, including treasure hunters, mercenaries, Bembridge scholars, secret societies, and armies of the undead. Though it’s questionable whether the curse that spawns the titular mummy’s return is actually a punishment, one thing is for certain: watching The Mummy is nothing but a sheer delight. Join Brian and Nathan as they unearth this blast from the past, and attempt to unravel the secret to the movie’s ongoing success more than twenty years since its initial release. Whether you’re a long-time fan or discovering The Mummy for the first time, your intrepid hosts will make sure you don’t end up on the wrong side of the river.




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00:11 – Introduction
02:10 – The Mummy
09:16 – Plot Synopsis
10:03 – The Mummy
49:33 – Ratings
52:14 – Box Office
52:55 – The Mummy Returns
55:02 – The Mummy Franchise
1:00:00 – Final Thoughts
1:02:26 – Collecting The Mummy