Nightmare Alley

You find yourself on the wrong side of the tracks in the seediest bar in town. You’re waiting for a lead on your latest case, the last case you agreed to take before you get out of the private eye game, for good. Then she walks in. She spells trouble with a capital “T,” but strange times make for strange bedfellows. You down another shot of whiskey and wave the bartender over as she sits down beside you,¬†her presence more intoxicating than the cheap, watered down liquor. She’s not short on moxie, that’s for sure. You adjust your fedora as you try to brush the thought out of your head, but it just won’t go away: You’re trapped in a film noir. There’s not much else to do, you realize, than tune in to the latest episode of The Reel Film Chronicles and listen to the boys discuss Nightmare Alley, the latest movie from¬†Guillermo del Toro and proof positive that film noir is still alive and well. This could very well be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

2021 | directed by Guillermo del Toro

starring Bradley Cooper | Cate Blanchett | Toni Collette | Willem Dafoe | Rooney Mara

crime / thriller / drama | 150 min


00:00 – Introduction
01:04 – Del Toro Filmography
17:06 – Nightmare Alley First Impressions
24:49 – NIghtmare Alley (Spoilers)
58:40 – Ratings