Donnie Darko

Do you find yourself possessed by an unwavering commitment to Sparkle Motion and an unnatural fear of rabbits? Then you find yourself in good company. In this exciting episode, we explore Donnie Darko, the very definition of a “cult classic”. Initially overlooked by audiences upon release, the movie quickly gained an underground following in the home video market, eventually becoming so popular that every film nerd from here to¬†Middlesex, Virginia, now won’t shut up about it, including yours truly. There’s no longer a need to go searching for answers in all the wrong places when you can listen to The Reel Film Chronicles talk about the lasting impact of Donnie Darko. So don’t be a prisoner of fear: tune in and get the scoop on one of the most unique visions in cinematic history without having to wait 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds.

2001 | directed by Richard Kelly
starring Jake Gyllenhaal | Jena Malone | James Duval | Drew Barrymore | Beth Grant
mystery / drama / fantasy | 114 min