In the world of the undead, one name reigns supreme and sends a shiver down the spines of all who dare whisper it aloud: Renfield? After 90 years, the Dracula mythology continues to fascinate audiences, and now the cursed manservant of the granddaddy of all vampires is finally getting his due. Putting yet another spin on everyone’s favourite bloodsucker, the 2023 movie Renfield focuses on the toxic relationship between a centuries-old vampire and his put-upon right-hand man with a blend of horror, action, and humour all served up by Chris McKay, the visionary director who brought us Lego Batman. Join your intrepid hosts over at the Reel Film Chronicles as we dissect Renfield and the titular character’s attempts to exorcise his demons – both literal and metaphorical – amidst a blood-fuelled rampage of undead ghouls, abusive ex-boyfriends, coked-up crime families, corrupt police, and an unhinged Nicholas Cage, in a blend of on-screen insanity that gives Joe Carnahan a run for his money..

directed by Chris McKay
starring: Nicholas Hoult – Nicolas Cage – Awkwafina – Ben Schwartz
Horror – Fantasy – Comedy | 93 min