The Edge

What one podcast can do, another can do!. Welcome to The Edge. You find yourself facing an existential crisis as you try to survive in the wilderness with nothing more than your wits, the clothes on your back, a pocket knife, and your two friends. Cold, wet, and a hundred miles from anywhere remotely resembling civilization, you struggle to scrounge up food and shelter while trying to figure out who among your fellow survivors you can trust and who your wife may or may not be thanking for “all the long nights.” On top of this, you must contend with a crazed bear, a 1,500-pound behemoth with a taste for human blood and a flair for the dramatic. But on the bright side, if you make it out of this alive, your current best survival horror story about not being able to hail a cab on the streets of New York that one time will definitely get knocked down to second place. If you think you have the intestinal fortitude to brave the elements, then once you get back, treat yourself by tuning in to the Reel Film Chronicles as we explore the stone-cold1997 masterpiece, The Edge. 

THE EDGE (1997)
dir: Lee Tamahori
Starring: Anthony Hopkins – Alec Baldwin – Elle Machperson – Harold Perrineau
action – adventure – drama – survival
117 min