Stephen King’s IT

For nearly half a century, Stephen King has tormented and delighted fans in equal measure by plumbing the very depths of our collective psyches to lay bare the ultimate existential terror that lies at the heart of humankind’s deepest and darkest fears: clowns. King’s seminal work, IT, has been adapted for the screen two (and a half?) times, first manifesting itself in the form of a ’90s mini-series starring the incomparable Tim Curry as the terrifying Pennywise the clown, and then reincarnating nearly three decades later as a duology of blockbuster horror films: IT, the highest grossing horror film of all time, and IT: Chapter 2, which technically qualifies as a movie. In this episode, you get even more bang for your buck as Brian and Nathan discuss not one, not two, but three… well, two movies and a mini-series (for all you Gen Z kids, they were limited series before they got rebranded for streaming services). The point is, first Stephen King writes this cocaine-fuelled nightmare, then Hollywood becomes obsessed with his work, and now, we’re going to have to review this freakin’ clown. So join the Losers Club and listen in as our dynamic duo explore the story of a killer clown from outer space that captured the hearts and minds of several generations. And if you find yourself experiencing that familiar tingle working its way up your spine, just remember: We all float down here.

IT  | 2017 | directed by Andy Muschietti
starring: Jaeden Martell | Jeremy Ray Taylor | Sophia Lillis | Finn Wolfhard | Chosen Jacobs | Jack Dylan Grazer | Wyatt Oleff | Bill Skarsgard
horror / fantasy | 135 min


00:00 – Introduction
7:42 – Initial Impressions
12:34 – IT (2017)
40:01 – IT: Chapter Two
55:09 – IT (1990)
1:10:14 – Ratings
1:17:20 – The Book + Closing Comments