The Adam Project

In this episode, The Reel Film Chronicles takes a journey through time alongside Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project, a time travel movie brought to us by the friendly marketing algorithms over at Netflix. A carefully curated mix of action and drama, The Adam Project is the latest in a short line of made-for-streaming movies attempting to bridge the gap between the big and the small screens. The movie asks deep philosophical questions, like what kind of conversations would you have with your past self, whether our destiny is set or the future can be changed, and whether Ryan Reynolds’ ineffable brand of charm can be taught or it’s something one can only be born with. Join us as we take a deep dive into The Adam Project, and see if a time-travelling, martial-arts-trained, definitely-not-lightsaber-wielding, fast-talking, jaded fighter-jet pilot with a heart of gold is truly the hero we need right now.

THE ADAM PROJECT  | 2022 | directed by Shawn Levy
starring Ryan Reynolds | Walker Scobell | Mark Ruffalo | Jennifer Garner | Zoe Saldana | Catherine Keener
science-fiction / action / adventure / comedy | 106 min


00:00 – Introduction
04:34 – Feature Discussion
29:39 – Special Effects
41:14 – Ratings
45:26 – Ryan Reynolds