The Batman

Every generation has a hero for their time and place. Someone who stands on the side of justice and good and right. And due to franchising rights and a severe aversion to risk on the part of movie studios, that hero will invariably be Batman from now until the heat death of the universe. Fresh on the heels of Ben Affleck’s portrayal in the DCEU movies, Robert Pattinson takes up the mantle of the Caped Crusader in The Batman. Matt Reeves swoops in to keep the DC cinematic universe alive after a continuing string of bizzare choices on the part of Warner Bros. who seem intent on self-sabotaging one of their biggest money makers. But fear not, bat-fans, for Matt Reeves brings the talent he displayed with his Planet of the Apes movies to bear on The Batman, the darkest, grittiest, emo-ist, detective-ist big-screen version of the Dark Knight ever committed to celluloid. You like your Batman dark? How about so dark you have to squint just to be able to make out what’s happening on screen? How about so dark where the police and organized crime syndicates are in bed together using a slush fund created by an out of touch billionaire to run an entire city the size of New York into the ground? How about so dark where the line between hero and villain is so razor-thin even the characters don’t know whose side they’re on? How about so dark that Bruce Wayne yells at Alfred how he’s not his real dad? Well then, my bat-friend, you’ve come to the right place. Join the Real Film Chronicles crew as we discuss the latest iteration of Batman, the movie that finally puts to bed the age-old debate of whether or not everybody’s animal-themed superhero wears eyeliner under the cowl.

directed by Matt Reeves
starring: Robert Pattinson – Zoe Kravitz – Paul Dano – Jeffrey Wright – John Turturro – Peter Sarsgaard – Andy Serkis – Colin Farrell
mystery – thriller – crime
117 min

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0:00:00 Introduction & Overview
0:02:38 Matt Reeves
0:04:27 Expectations
0:10:02 Overall Impressions
0:13:21 The Batman
0:42:24 Parallels
0:50:37 The Suit
0:55:27 Music, Gotham, Etc
1:02:48 Western Influence
1:04:33 Runtime
1:07:03 Deleted Scene
1:09:20 Additional Comments
1:23:20 Ratings