The Black Demon (2023)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. From the director who brought us Rambo: Last Blood comes a new terrifying vision of aquatic violence known as The Black Demon. Is it a giant shark? A mutant aberration? A zoological holdover from an ancient race of megalodons? An instrument of vengeance sent by the gods to punish humanity for our crimes against nature? An allegory for the consequences of our centuries of environmental mismanagement? The manifestation of one man’s guilt as he struggles to find his humanity and a hint of redemption in a cruel, unforgiving world? Who’s to say? No really, who? With an eclectic mix of family drama, action, shady corporate politics, violence, esoteric references to ’90s sitcoms, and a hint of the supernatural, The Black Demon seems to have a lot to say, and lucky for you, the Reel Film Chronicles is here to make sense of it all. In a topsy, turvy world it’s nice to know that there’s a podcast out there that makes everything all right. So join your intrepid hosts as they attempt to exorcise The Black Demon in this week’s exciting nautical adventure.

The Black Demon (2023)
directed by: Adrian Gr├╝nberg
starring: Josh Lucas – Fernanda Urrejola – Julio Cedillo – Venus Ariel
Thriller – Horror
101 min