Fast X

There’s a legend that’s spoken of in hushed tones by people of every country and creed, from the dive bars of Los Angeles to the back alleys of Brazil to the neon-lit cityscape of downtown Tokyo. A whisper, carried faintly upon the breeze, of a promise that lies just over the horizon. The legend speaks of a tribe, a family, made up of the unwanted. Misfits. Outcasts. Criminals. This is a family where all are welcome at the table, bound together through the holy communion of Corona and BBQ. A family bound by a simple maxim: Ride or die. A band of kindred souls that dole out second chances as freely and frequently as they switch gears. This is the world of The Fast and The Furious. Fast X is the tenth mainline film of a series that spans two decades and boasts the kind of staying power and legitimacy that only multiple billions of dollars can. Come along for the ride in this high-octane episode as your intrepid hosts put the pedal to the metal and charge full speed ahead into the simultaneously sincere and unhinged world of Fast X. In a series where the protagonists evolved from thieves stealing DVD players to super spies who build and launch a makeshift spaceship in their backyard, true discipleship requires only that you embrace the impossible as improbable, the improbable as possible, and the possible as anything your imagination can conceive. Buckle up; it’s going to be a wild ride.

Fast X (2023)
directed by: Louis Leterrier
starring: Vin Diesel – Michelle Rodriguez – Tyrese Gibson – Ludacris – John Cena – Jason Momoa
Crime – Action – Thriller
142 min