The Creator

Since the dawn of civilization, humankind has looked up into the cosmos, and with our hearts and minds overcome by the vastness of eternity, we’ve silently pondered the ultimate question at the core of our existence: Why are robots so cool? The Creator is our latest attempt to answer this age-old quandary. Helmed by Gareth “Rogue One” Edwards, the film is a special effects showcase made for the big screen, and a rarity in this day and age: a big budget sci-fi blockbuster based on original idea. In a world where human beings and AI are locked in a struggle for existence, and nations wage wars based on ignorance and partisan ideologies with no room for compromise, go and watch The Creator and take a break from all of that nonsense. Instead, watch a bunch of cool human on robot action as everyone learns a valuable lesson about the power of love, and also about the need to blow up orbital weapons platforms that reign down death arbitrarily on the citizens of sovereign nations. Join your intrepid hosts at The Reel Film Chronicles to explore the world of The Creator and discover if this sci-fi dystopia is right for you.

The Creator (2023)
directed by: Gareth Edwards
starring: John David Washington – Madeleine Yuna Voyles – Gemma Chan – Allison Janney – Ken Watanabe
Science Fiction – Thriller – Action
134 min