Wonder Woman 1984

It’s been just over two years now since we launched our podcast, and to celebrate, I figured I would create a little work for myself and “remaster” the first episode: Wonder Woman 1984. After a half dozen or so episodes, I was quick to find some better, more efficient editing software – I was initially using Audacity. After a few months of a trail version of Hindenburg, and testing out some other pieces like Reaper, I settled in on investing in Hindenburg and haven’t looked back since. Regardless of software, I’ve learned a lot about editing, and wanted to go back to the raw audio to apply these techniques, as well as run the audio through the quality filters that we use now. It’s a net positive – to me at least – and I hope you enjoy revisiting (or experiencing for the first time) our very first episode!

WONDER WOMAN 1984 (2020)
directed by Patty Jenkins
starring: Gal Gadot – Chris Pine – Kristen Wiig – Pedro Pascal
adventure – action – fantasy
151 min

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