Space Sweepers

In a dark and dystopic future where an evil corporation wields unbridled political, technological, and social power and is willing to sacrifice the masses of socio-economically disadvantaged people it deems unfit to save an elite, wealthy few from a looming environmental apocalypse (Wait, are we sure this isn’t a documentary?), only one thing stands in their way: a rag-tag group of daring space trash collectors. Space Sweepers is the latest Netflix sensation that people will talk about intensely for a week, then likely forget entirely trying to keep up with the next big thing in the streaming deluge, probably Stranger Things. So join us as we delve into Space Sweepers and try to get to the bottom of whether the crew of the spaceship Victory were able to earn the moniker and how a $20 million dollar South Korean sleeper hit somehow looks better than 85% of major blockbusters with ten times the budget.

SPACE SWEEPERS | 2021 | directed by Jo Sung-hee
starring Song Joong-ki | Kim Tae-ri | Yoo Hae-jin | Jin Sun-kyu | Richard Armitage
science-fiction / drama / fantasy | 136 min


00:00 – Introduction
01:29 – Overview
04:25 – Space Sweepers
46:12 – Ratings
53:30 – Final Thoughts