Talk to Me

In this universe, there are things known, and there are things unknown, and sometimes bridging that gap just takes a little conversation. Talk To Me is this year’s breakout horror hit from Australia (which is totally a thing we expect from the Land Down Under every year), offering a unique take on the ghost story / demon possession genre and creating all kinds of buzz in the horror world. An underdog pack of teens battling supernatural forces: Oh you’ve seen that before, you say? Well, you’re only half wrong. While the setup is as familiar as a beaten up old hockey mask, the execution puts a novel spin on some familiar horror tropes. You thought ghosts and demons were scary enough on their own? Well, Talk To Me takes it up a notch by using them as metaphors to explore such real-life horrors as grief, trauma, peer pressure, self harm, and drug use. So yeah. Scary and depressing. Let us in as we talk to you about Talk To Me, and discuss whether the film scratched that horror itch or made us want to gouge our own eyes out.

Talk to Me (2023)
directed by: Michael Philippou, Danny Philippou
starring: Sophie Wilde – Alexandra Jensen – Joe Bird – Otis Dhanji – Miranda Otto
Thriller – Horror
95 min